Banana, strawberry, carrot smoothie

I love smoothies! Lately I've been drinking one for breakfast. It's such a great way to pack a variety of nutrients into a single serving. It's also easy to throw in a bunch of fruit and crank up the sugar intake. I try and keep a ratio of 1:3 as far as veggie:fruit ratio at minimum. The more vegetables you pack in, the more nutrients you will get. Adding fruit adds nutrients but can also spike your blood sugar. Packing in vegetables such as carrots adds nutrients but doesn't take away from the flavor of the smoothie.

When making smoothies, I like to add some ice cubes for consistency. However, if you're using frozen fruit, you may want to leave out the ice cubes. You can always add more liquid for a smoother consistency as well.


One banana

7-8 strawberries

1/2 cup carrots

splash of cashew milk

4-5 ice cubes


Throw all ingredients into blender and blend it up!

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