Beet Juice with greens

I bought a juicer a few years ago and have been trying to use it more often! Juicing is a great way to add extra vitamins and minerals to your diet, and during the summer it's a nice refreshing beverage as well!

Here's the ingredients used for this recipe:

My mom used to eat pickled beets straight out of the jar and back then there was nothing grosser! Now, I absolutely love beets. I'll even eat the pickled kind out of the jar. They're also great roasted, and added to salads or served as a side dish. They're also great for juicing and give such a pop of color to any recipe! This juice is super tasty and goes down so easily, so don't be afraid of the listed ingredients. The half of a golden delicious apple adds just the right amount of sweet, without adding too much sugar. I often use a good amount of celery in my juices as it provides the greatest amount of liquid to make a substantial amount of juice without having to buy such a large amount of vegetables.

Once you put all the ingredients through the juicer, you'll get this beautiful juice:


(serves 2)

2 medium beets, peeled

1 bunch celery stalks, thoroughly cleaned and ends removed

1'' piece ginger, peeled

1/2 golden delicious apple, core removed

1 medium head broccoli

3 cups spinach

1 tsp ground turmeric


1. Place 1 tsp of turmeric at the bottom of the glass/jar you will be using

2. Place each ingredient through the juicer.

3. Pour juice over turmeric powder, seal lid and shake well.


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