Pumpkin flax pancakes (paleo)

Well, I found out a couple weeks ago that I have a parasite. I had been having horrible bloating and my bowel movements were becoming more and more irregular, so I requested that my doctor do a stool sample. She confirmed I have a parasite and prescribed antibiotics. I let her know I do not plan on taking them and will be doing some research on natural remedies. I decided to go with a blend of herbal supplements that include black walnut, quassia wood, cloves, wormwood, bayberry root bark and garrya. On October 1st I started a parasite cleanse which involves taking the herbal supplements 3 times a day and cutting out all fruit, sugar and alcohol. I figured since I'm already doing a cleanse, I might as well cut out carbs to kill off any candida or other bacteria/yeast. I add pau d' arco to my blend and also bought some bark and make tea and drink that throughout the day. I'll be following the cleanse with some probiotics and eating lots of fermented foods. I'm not a licensed professional, and this is just the remedy I'm taking after talking with some people that have had a parasite and killed it off naturally and doing a ton of research on the internet. My goal is to avoid taking antibiotics at all costs!

If I haven't mentioned it before, I LOVE fruit. Fruit is my go-to snack whether it's snacking on some grapes, nibbling on an apple, enjoying a banana with almond butter for breakfast.. you get the idea. It's only day 4 of the cleanse and the struggle is soooo real. I've been trying to get creative with breakfast and snack ideas. I'm super weird and eggs never sound good for breakfast, but I eat them for dinner all the time. So that means having to come up with alternate breakfast ideas, which led to this post! I realize there's eggs in the recipe, but the end result doesn't taste like eggs ;)

These pancakes have zero added sugar so they're not sweet at all. If you're not doing a whole 30 and have no reason to cut out sugar, you can definitely add 1 tablespoon of honey, coconut sugar or maple syrup to the batter. These would also taste delicious topped with some maple syrup. I would also recommend some sliced bananas, cacoa nibs or a sprinkle of cinnamon (or all!!). I topped mine with some almond butter and pumpkin seeds (which are said to be helpful in killing off parasites - I've been eating them everyday as well). You could also sub a mashed banana for the pumpkin to make banana pancakes.

This recipe is for a single serving of 3 small pancakes, so feel free to double or triple, etc. if you're feeding more than one!


1/4 cup canned pumpkin (make sure there's no other added ingredients)

2 eggs

2 tablespoons flax meal

1/4 tsp cinnamon

dash nutmeg

pinch salt


1. Pour everything into a blender and mix until smooth and combined

2. Heat a skillet with some coconut oil over medium heat and apply a small amount of batter to the pan, spreading to make about 1/2'' thick. Should make 3 small pancakes, or two large ones. These will not bubble like typical pancakes

3. Let cook for a few minutes until you see that the bottom is turning a lighter orange, and flip over the pancakes

4. Let cook for a few more minutes until the center is set. You may want to reduce the heat a little on the second side so it doesn't burn, but the batter gets cooked through

Top with your favorite toppings like sliced banana, maple syrup, almond butter, chocolate, etc. and enjoy!

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